Coffee with my host

Now before I start, I’d just like to apologise for the random and rambling nature of this post. Yes, I have been away for quite some time from this random, magical blog, I don’t know what separates me from writing, if anyone out there interested in sharing their thought, stories or experience than welcome back! So what’s been going on since I have had my last post of this blog “Bragging Rights”? Today all I want to add some karma by sharing my experience and thoughts about a cup of coffee.

Today I got something to write about and this incident happened years ago when I had nothing to do much. I got a friend who wanted to visit me. And I thought to company her over a cup of coffee and this happened since I found myself in love with hot, steamy and strong chocolaty coffee.

I was at Qutab hotel waiting for a friend who was staying at that hotel; it was her first visit to Delhi and my first visit to that hotel. She came down in a few minutes, but our transportation got delayed so she suggested that to wait in the coffee shop. I agreed as we had time to kill… She wanted to have some drinks but it was daytime so alcohol has not opted. My friend suggested that let’s have a cup of coffee. Till that day I had never tasted tea or coffee, but upon being insisted I agreed to give it a try. Honestly, it was just out of polite manners that I could not refuse my host. I was not one bit interested in trying the coffee. But life has a way moving past wants of a person. My host who had become my friend not too long ago was from Australia and we had enjoyed many lunches, dinners and drink in the past few days and had come to know my taste hence took the liberty of ordering a cappuccino for me. Like I said, I was not into tea/coffee so it really made no difference to me as to what was ordered. Upon the beverage being served my host put one sachet of normal sugar and one brown sugar for me and did the same for self, now that struck as a bit odd to me but putting my trust in God. As I didn’t have much choice in the matter, I took my cup of coffee. The incident took place a few years ago. So I do my best to do justice in remembering and describing it as it happened. So my friend/host handed my cup to me, I hesitated but took a sip. It burnt my mouth and I spilt a bit. My friend laughed and told me that time to enjoy the coffee so take it slowly and enjoy the sip. I was not enjoying the experience, however, after a few minutes, I took another sip but this time I was cautious of the burning hot beverage. To my surprise, I enjoyed the beverage. That was my first cup of coffee. Since then I’ve tried almost all the brands of coffee shops I have come across. Name a few… Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Lavazza, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Nescafe and experimented on a few different beverages like Irish coffee, Latte coffee, Coffee Mocha, Espresso, American but cappuccino grand is my favourite beverage simple, tasty. And since then I fall in love with the coffee…

To be continued…

 What a Funny Life 

What do we expect from our life?

How could you know what’s sugar until you taste salt and in the same way salt can never put a taste to our food if we don’t know how the taste of sugar is?
Life needs adventure…but don’t you bother to go out for bungee jumping or skiing? Travel on road in INDIA and there you are…with the smoothest roads to most “dirty” ones. You would be driving smoothly when suddenly a small child comes in front of your vehicle, you applying brakes either the girl is gone or your vehicle. Just in case if there is truck behind your vehicle with loose brakes. You would be jumping high in the sky and can get an experience of Bungee Jumping… It is funny but true my friend.

Both go hand in hand, life would be so boring if there are no spices…after all we need things which we could criticise. How could we say each time Pizza to be the best when Domino’s and a beautiful waitress is still waiting to serve your taste buds?
Life needs someone to criticise, to compare, to compliment, to comment and of course complaint, women do a lot.
Everything should be at the right place without any controversy and should drive smoothly.

All I would say just go for it, bang on.

Value of Relations 

Sometimes we forget the value of relations. How often do you keep something which is actually of no use to you?

That football, when you were merely 4 years, that sweet little Hat gifted by your uncle, that mug in which you used to have Milk, that notebook in which you got your first remark as excellent. Those hand created greetings, those report cards for which you had to work an extra hour. Those printed paper cuttings which made your parents proud and one of those best creative students in school and much more. Everything is remarkable. …

While cleaning your house, you could find some and then you cherish, such thing makes you laugh!
Got report cards of our childhood, books, greeting cards given by friends, by some girls and you hide them inside your wardrobe. It’s not just the materialistic things which are remembered but the relations with which we were connected.

Keeping things safe and protected like a notebook, cards, mug and cherishing those moments. I wonder could relations be kept in a locker and they remain same as they are! How can we impress, how to remain loyal, how to be honest in relation…it’s all an experience. It’s the relation which we try to keep safe.

Oh! Sorry, I have told that relations come with an expiry date!

This is my bragging right

I haven’t found someone for me since terminating the benefits part of my friendship with the storm, but it’s only a matter of time. I have been talking to someone since few years, but I’m not sure what I want. I won’t say, I’m feeling anything more than a friendship for her but sometimes it’s more than that. I’ve been hanging out with other friends but she has always been running in my mind. I think I could go somewhere with that. We’ll see how things work. 

Anyway, the point is, I think my life is awesome. Some people may look down on narcissism as a bad thing, but I don’t agree, sometimes it’s good for your own. If you spend all day thinking about how pretty you are, or constantly do nothing but brag to your friends, it’s bad I guess. But every once in a while, or maybe even once a day, it’s good to say I am awesome. There is no one I love more than myself. If I could choose between my life and anyone else’s life, I would choose my own for sure. …

If you ask me who my Idol is, who I looked up to, my role model was, I would have a definite answer, ME, yes, it’s me… I am so awesome! Devilishly handsome, smart enough to handle things and love to admire me. I don’t need porn to masturbate; all I need is a mirror. If I had a choice, I would be around myself all the time, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. And I get to be with myself all the time because of guess what? I am – ME. You love me or not but I love myself yes, I love myself a lot.
So what brought on this intense bout of narcissism? This morning I got a package in the mail. I got an offer from an event agency in this coming month! They are paying me a handsome amount for that event show, paying for all my food, hotel and all and most importantly giving me an opportunity to work, learn and grow with them.

I love such creative things, I love to be creative, and it is an art. I was introduced to new faces when I (for some reason I can no longer remember) picked up some of them. Every interaction with them since then has increased my passion for that event. So, to me, that event is even better than a regular job at Facebook or Microsoft or Google whatever, I don’t care. This is what I want to do with my life.
I am also spending a fair amount of time on writing new articles for some magazine, creativity doing whatever it demands I feel like doing. In the past month or so I wrote so many things, which are not disclosed yet because I haven’t polished them and something is incomplete. I think today I’ll write some more writing and that’s how I’ll practice. I love the feeling when I creatively write and people read. It really feels like magic when you see traffic on your website.

Like I’ve been told all these stories of this wonderful land and now, I’m finally there and I can walk, run dance through the magic meadows of my writing.

I am also appreciating the face that looks back at me when I look in the mirror. Before it was nice, I didn’t hate my face but I definitely felt like it wasn’t quite there like it hadn’t yet reached maturity. Today, I looked and see a face that I can get behind. A face that is really innocent, suave and confident.

I am done now – I will surely write something new soon, keep your eyes on! 

It’s true that life gives you opportunities

Never feel that you don’t get anything, you will get much more than your expectation and it’s true that life gets you so many opportunities time to time, all you need to fight for them. I had lost all perspective of what I should or should not expect in life, I didn’t learn and stop working hard. Part of me said work hard and be thankful for what you have, but things were hard to do something in down turned economy but another part of me said that my daily routine is absurd. That’s also true that I can’t tell you how good I feel when I finish a task and become a bourdon free. I think if I can survive, I am the strongest person alive. And after locking myself in a tiny room at the workplace on the weekends and finishing my stories for freelance people, I feel so proud of myself. I enjoy being in the fantasy world, which we have created for ourselves and I’m so proud to have the opportunity to publish my work that will be read by thousands of people on this coming week, wow that is a good feeling ever. I pray that I get a reward at the end. I know this is selfish but I hope there is a reward. I am tired of being alone and tired of sweating and tired of not being able to communicate… I am tired. I am not sure, if I am whinnying or doing something that few people ever does, I just am not sure. I don’t know if it is a fault from my end, I think most of the Indians are this way; I like my privacy my individual space like foreigners. I love to be left alone. I am extremely that way and I don’t care because I am a private person. It is nearly impossible to live that way in India. This will take forever! In the meantime, I started working at home. It felt so good to work after week offs. I felt that it was a dream come true. Actually, the beginning of this month was awesome. I will be writing for a weekly reader/magazine for the agency I am hired as a ghostwriter. I was stressing out about it and you know, when I sat down to start writing, I’m being paid to sit at home and write. A story just popped out. I don’t even have to try, I started working with someone on the layout and I was in their studio, enjoying AC/DC soundtrack, writing, and dancing. I mean this is what we’ve been working for…because writing needs flow and thoughts. Music makes me intense and I write even better when I am intense. 

Wow! Finally, I am done and next morning people all over the world will be reading my stuff! How amazing!

I cannot hold my hand

I am a religious person and I love to hear kind words and beautiful gesture. I have a very low tolerance for dishonesty but lastly, I forget and forgive all.

I have kind of noticed that sometimes I have a tendency to write even during working hours, I feel like it’s an “I cannot hold my hand” moment, and I write something time to time. My work keeps me away from writing that’s why it took long I didn’t take a glimpse of this blog.

But I am just thinking back to last year. As usual, I cried and I laughed, travelled few holidays, while I spent the others in bed, I worried myself out too much at times and too little at other times, I watch hours of television and then dedicated hours to reading books. Unfortunately, lost some friends, but fortunately, gained some new friends like my family members. I fought for what I believed in, but at times I doubted myself. …

All in one year and I have come to realise that we live in moments and it’s all these little moments in our lives that define who we are, everything, in the end, has a way of working itself out and time has a way of making you forget about all the bad things that happened and that’s why we always say “I remember the good old days.”

I usually think I did alright and I am not so heartbroken anymore either, I was thinking it would have been harder living on after, feeling an immense amount of pain, having a dead end life and nothing to look forward to, but time seems to be kinder to me that I was to myself, it treated me with care and patience, and lead me on to a new path, a new path that is constantly unfolding, which I believe taking me to the right direction.

I may have some up days and I may have some days where I get really low, but I know that no matter what happens, everything will always continue to move forward and that’s what makes me feel gratitude towards life and time.

In the end, I just want to say good luck this year guys, we have made it this far.

I have an insatiable hunger for unanswered questions

With each phase of life, is it that “a way of our imagination” changes, it changes for what?

I am not sure but do you think at early 50 your heart would skip a heartbeat for someone with you tied a knot. Would you still love that person so badly, if not then why?
Would you still be in that teenage kind of attitude or that newly born child!
My point here is as I was going through my old posts which I wrote a couple of years ago. I really felt – are these jotted down by me? Like I was so fresh and amazing thoughts!
Yes, I know praising yourself is not good but I really felt positive about my old posts, now those fresh posts are updated once again by me…funny thoughts to ponder, what you write make sense or not but the mood has changed.

Every day when I wake up, my first thought is to be calm! Let not anger rule me! I feel now I have more responsibilities than ever and so I make a point to care about me which in turn can help me to provide care to myself or so that I can focus on my business, be it with clients or work or money related stuff, I am just enjoying everything and moreover my work has become my passion!
Apart from work, I am very happy to see my old posts and immature writing, that’s how you measure your progress in life.  I am glad that I am learning lots of things in life.

Each phase of life allows you to learn a lesson and taste the experience of a lifetime!