Coffee with my host

Now before I start, I’d just like to apologise for the random and rambling nature of this post. Yes, I have been away for quite some time from this random, magical blog, I don’t know what separates me from writing, if anyone out there interested in sharing their thought, stories or experience than welcome back! So what’s been going on since I have had my last post of this blog “Bragging Rights”? Today all I want to add some karma by sharing my experience and thoughts about a cup of coffee.

Today I got something to write about and this incident happened years ago when I had nothing to do much. I got a friend who wanted to visit me. And I thought to company her over a cup of coffee and this happened since I found myself in love with hot, steamy and strong chocolaty coffee.

I was at Qutab hotel waiting for a friend who was staying at that hotel; it was her first visit to Delhi and my first visit to that hotel. She came down in a few minutes, but our transportation got delayed so she suggested that to wait in the coffee shop. I agreed as we had time to kill… She wanted to have some drinks but it was daytime so alcohol has not opted. My friend suggested that let’s have a cup of coffee. Till that day I had never tasted tea or coffee, but upon being insisted I agreed to give it a try. Honestly, it was just out of polite manners that I could not refuse my host. I was not one bit interested in trying the coffee. But life has a way moving past wants of a person. My host who had become my friend not too long ago was from Australia and we had enjoyed many lunches, dinners and drink in the past few days and had come to know my taste hence took the liberty of ordering a cappuccino for me. Like I said, I was not into tea/coffee so it really made no difference to me as to what was ordered. Upon the beverage being served my host put one sachet of normal sugar and one brown sugar for me and did the same for self, now that struck as a bit odd to me but putting my trust in God. As I didn’t have much choice in the matter, I took my cup of coffee. The incident took place a few years ago. So I do my best to do justice in remembering and describing it as it happened. So my friend/host handed my cup to me, I hesitated but took a sip. It burnt my mouth and I spilt a bit. My friend laughed and told me that time to enjoy the coffee so take it slowly and enjoy the sip. I was not enjoying the experience, however, after a few minutes, I took another sip but this time I was cautious of the burning hot beverage. To my surprise, I enjoyed the beverage. That was my first cup of coffee. Since then I’ve tried almost all the brands of coffee shops I have come across. Name a few… Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Lavazza, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Nescafe and experimented on a few different beverages like Irish coffee, Latte coffee, Coffee Mocha, Espresso, American but cappuccino grand is my favourite beverage simple, tasty. And since then I fall in love with the coffee…

To be continued…

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