I cannot hold my hand

I am a religious person and I love to hear kind words and beautiful gesture. I have a very low tolerance for dishonesty but lastly, I forget and forgive all.

I have kind of noticed that sometimes I have a tendency to write even during working hours, I feel like it’s an “I cannot hold my hand” moment, and I write something time to time. My work keeps me away from writing that’s why it took long I didn’t take a glimpse of this blog.

But I am just thinking back to last year. As usual, I cried and I laughed, travelled few holidays, while I spent the others in bed, I worried myself out too much at times and too little at other times, I watch hours of television and then dedicated hours to reading books. Unfortunately, lost some friends, but fortunately, gained some new friends like my family members. I fought for what I believed in, but at times I doubted myself. …

All in one year and I have come to realise that we live in moments and it’s all these little moments in our lives that define who we are, everything, in the end, has a way of working itself out and time has a way of making you forget about all the bad things that happened and that’s why we always say “I remember the good old days.”

I usually think I did alright and I am not so heartbroken anymore either, I was thinking it would have been harder living on after, feeling an immense amount of pain, having a dead end life and nothing to look forward to, but time seems to be kinder to me that I was to myself, it treated me with care and patience, and lead me on to a new path, a new path that is constantly unfolding, which I believe taking me to the right direction.

I may have some up days and I may have some days where I get really low, but I know that no matter what happens, everything will always continue to move forward and that’s what makes me feel gratitude towards life and time.

In the end, I just want to say good luck this year guys, we have made it this far.


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