I have an insatiable hunger for unanswered questions

With each phase of life, is it that “a way of our imagination” changes, it changes for what?

I am not sure but do you think at early 50 your heart would skip a heartbeat for someone with you tied a knot. Would you still love that person so badly, if not then why?
Would you still be in that teenage kind of attitude or that newly born child!
My point here is as I was going through my old posts which I wrote a couple of years ago. I really felt – are these jotted down by me? Like I was so fresh and amazing thoughts!
Yes, I know praising yourself is not good but I really felt positive about my old posts, now those fresh posts are updated once again by me…funny thoughts to ponder, what you write make sense or not but the mood has changed.

Every day when I wake up, my first thought is to be calm! Let not anger rule me! I feel now I have more responsibilities than ever and so I make a point to care about me which in turn can help me to provide care to myself or so that I can focus on my business, be it with clients or work or money related stuff, I am just enjoying everything and moreover my work has become my passion!
Apart from work, I am very happy to see my old posts and immature writing, that’s how you measure your progress in life.  I am glad that I am learning lots of things in life.

Each phase of life allows you to learn a lesson and taste the experience of a lifetime!


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