It’s true that life gives you opportunities

Never feel that you don’t get anything, you will get much more than your expectation and it’s true that life gets you so many opportunities time to time, all you need to fight for them. I had lost all perspective of what I should or should not expect in life, I didn’t learn and stop working hard. Part of me said work hard and be thankful for what you have, but things were hard to do something in down turned economy but another part of me said that my daily routine is absurd. That’s also true that I can’t tell you how good I feel when I finish a task and become a bourdon free. I think if I can survive, I am the strongest person alive. And after locking myself in a tiny room at the workplace on the weekends and finishing my stories for freelance people, I feel so proud of myself. I enjoy being in the fantasy world, which we have created for ourselves and I’m so proud to have the opportunity to publish my work that will be read by thousands of people on this coming week, wow that is a good feeling ever. I pray that I get a reward at the end. I know this is selfish but I hope there is a reward. I am tired of being alone and tired of sweating and tired of not being able to communicate… I am tired. I am not sure, if I am whinnying or doing something that few people ever does, I just am not sure. I don’t know if it is a fault from my end, I think most of the Indians are this way; I like my privacy my individual space like foreigners. I love to be left alone. I am extremely that way and I don’t care because I am a private person. It is nearly impossible to live that way in India. This will take forever! In the meantime, I started working at home. It felt so good to work after week offs. I felt that it was a dream come true. Actually, the beginning of this month was awesome. I will be writing for a weekly reader/magazine for the agency I am hired as a ghostwriter. I was stressing out about it and you know, when I sat down to start writing, I’m being paid to sit at home and write. A story just popped out. I don’t even have to try, I started working with someone on the layout and I was in their studio, enjoying AC/DC soundtrack, writing, and dancing. I mean this is what we’ve been working for…because writing needs flow and thoughts. Music makes me intense and I write even better when I am intense. 

Wow! Finally, I am done and next morning people all over the world will be reading my stuff! How amazing!


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