Value of Relations 

Sometimes we forget the value of relations. How often do you keep something which is actually of no use to you?

That football, when you were merely 4 years, that sweet little Hat gifted by your uncle, that mug in which you used to have Milk, that notebook in which you got your first remark as excellent. Those hand created greetings, those report cards for which you had to work an extra hour. Those printed paper cuttings which made your parents proud and one of those best creative students in school and much more. Everything is remarkable. …

While cleaning your house, you could find some and then you cherish, such thing makes you laugh!
Got report cards of our childhood, books, greeting cards given by friends, by some girls and you hide them inside your wardrobe. It’s not just the materialistic things which are remembered but the relations with which we were connected.

Keeping things safe and protected like a notebook, cards, mug and cherishing those moments. I wonder could relations be kept in a locker and they remain same as they are! How can we impress, how to remain loyal, how to be honest in relation…it’s all an experience. It’s the relation which we try to keep safe.

Oh! Sorry, I have told that relations come with an expiry date!


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